If you have lots of clothes and you want to accommodate all of them at one place, you should have somewhere good to store them. Choosing a wardrobe is an activity that should be done with a lot of forethought. Because it is a large piece of furniture it can dominate the bedroom so needs to be chosen carefully.

The best thing to do is to work out how many clothes your wardrobe has to house and what length the longest items are. The longest items are probably dresses and they need to hang full length to keep them looking at their best. You also need to note the widest items which are probably jackets. If you are sharing the wardrobe with a partner, make sure all of their requirements are met too. Think about whether you need shelf space inside etc.

Once you know how many clothes you need to house and what the longest and widest items are, you can look at what room you have to play with in the bedroom. A massive wardrobe will not suit everyone! Consider modular wardrobes and custom built ones. Also look at whether you have room for the wardrobe doors to open out or whether you need to find something with sliding doors. walk in wardrobe

When looking at wardrobes online, it is essential to cut out in paper the dimensions and place it on the floor in the room. Mark off how tall it will stand too, and consider if it really is the right size for you.

Next, consider what style of wardrobe you need. If you have existing furniture in the room it makes sense to go for a style that matches what you have. If you have a futon for a bed, it makes sense to go for a modern wardrobe. If you have an oak bed it makes sense to look at oak wardrobes.

Obviously budget will constrain what you can buy too. If you are on a tight budget it might make sense to go for flat pack furniture or to look at second hand options. Both can be spruced up with paint and new handles if need be.

If money is no object, you can look at commissioning a walk-in wardrobe or getting a custom made piece.

The material and workmanship matters when it comes to wardrobes. If you are getting a wooden wardrobe, try to get solid wood. Solid wood is more durable. You will need a wardrobe that has good joints – you don’t want clothes moths sneaking in and laying eggs on your clothes. You also need something which opens and closes smoothly – or it will drive you mad.

If you may need to sell your wardrobe on, consider getting something that will hold its price well. Oak wardrobes are classic and loved by many. If they are made from solid wood and crafted well, they will be worth something in years to come. The same cannot be said for flat pack furniture. A good wardrobe can even become a family heirloom.

Also, don’t forget that if you intend moving house you may want to take the wardrobe with you. A built-in wardrobe won’t be able to come with you and won’t be able to be passed down the family.