lawn maintenance midland – Benefits

Have you ever driven down your street and wondered how your neighbors keep their grass so green and lush looking? Perhaps they know the secret to keeping a healthy lawn, the one that says lawn care goes beyond cutting it. There are four steps that go into cultivating and keeping a lush and healthy lawn, one that is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.Visit yard care midland for more details.The first step is cutting the grass. This step alone is vital to keeping your lawn healthy. Normally, cutting the grass once a week will do, but for lawns that are extremely persistent, cutting twice a week may be necessary. Also, the length that the grass is cut determines how healthy it grows and how well it reproduces. Keep the blade on your mower at 2 ½ to 3 inches. This will allow it to compete with any growing weeds and aid in developing strong root systems.You can get additional information at midland txlawns.

Step two includes when you water and how much. It’s always best to water your lawn in the early morning or around dusk when the sun isn’t beating down. Watering should be infrequent. If your area gets a hearty dose of rain during the spring and summer, then watering shouldn’t be an issue. Lawns that get watered do not go dormant keeping the grass lush and soft. When you do water, always give your grass a good soaking to 4 to 6 inches deep. You can check this by slicing into your lawn and easing it back to see where the moist soil meets the dry.visit this page

The third step involves fertilizing which should take place when the grass is actually growing. Fertilizers should always be applied to dry grass then watered. This will keep the sun and fertilizer from scorching the grass blades. Opt for a slow release fertilizer which will continue to feed your lawn.Feel free to find more information at lawn care midland.

Lastly, while your grass is in the process of growing, aerate it. This allows water and nutrients to seep into the soil feeding your lawn. An aerator removes tiny tubes of soil. If you don’t want to invest in an aerator, most home and garden centers have them for rent.